Exciting Collaboration

Victor and I have many conversations at home, over the dinner table, playing with the dog, hanging out listening to music, where we talk about all manner of things. We often talk about our work – Victor as a writer first and foremost, who is now exploring his identity as a disabled man; me as a disability advocate and academic who is gradually returning to some of my artistic roots.

Look gives us the opportunity to view disability through our separate lenses. One of my favourite quotes about disability comes from Simi Linton, when she says:

“The social, political and cultural analyses undertaken by disability studies form a prism through which one can obtain a broader understanding of society and human experience, and the significance of human variation.”
(Linton, S., (1998), Claiming Disability: Knowledge and Identity, New York: New York University Press, p117.)

In essence, Look is this prism. Victor’s use of words, made visual by his collaboration with Murray, will bring us all a step closer to our own understanding of human experience, and particularly, a closer understanding of why human variation, and the preconceived notions we all bring to it, are significant.







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