Face in 3 sections

LOOK encourages viewers to witness pain and suffering. It offers an alternative story, the space to open minds to difference and disability.

An autobiographical exhibition from my infancy up to my fourth marriage. It examines the roles of victor and victim, whether locked in a pain room or dissociating to find a reality comfortable enough to breathe until tomorrow.

Collaborator, visual, graphic and media artist Murray Toews joins me to illuminate pain, tears, shame, rage, broken bodies and minds. Visual artist Grace Nickel will return to make a sconce in two, and Ken Gregory is making a sculpture of a man’s spine and vertebrae distorted by disk degenerative disease. Michelle Hewitt, my wife, collaborates with me, through her work as a disability advocate.

Murray Toews and I have been making 15-minute videos as sponsored by the Abject Alphabet, for over a year. LOOK is an extension of this work.

Meantime you can see Abject Alphabet so far on the Earth Mutant Network beginning in February and concluding with the premiere of letter F in March.

Victor Enns, January 2022