Chris MAMA Bauer

AuOH – Audio ‘avant garbage’ projects from the nest of CHRIS MAMA BAUER: multi-instrumentalist, composer, improvisor, and visual artist.  Chris has been a part of the Winnipeg music scene for the past 30+ years, having performed, recorded, and internationally toured with a host of musicians and bands in a variety of genres.  

AuOH is Chris’ solo project, blurring the dimensions betwixt music and sound to create evolving and mutating audio ‘monsterpieces’ …the soundtrack for the B-movie in your mind!!!  With 69 releases currently on Bandcamp, plus a handful of physical releases, CMB continues to evolve his craft in infamy, exploring compositional tools and techniques to create an interplanetary world music that propels itself from the past, grounds itself in the present, and rockets towards an uncertain future…