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April 5th, 2022

LOOK (Formerly known as WITNESS) has been funded by the Canada Council for the Arts

A lot can change in a month. I’m another year older, my birthday being this week, and this year it’s not during Easter as it sometimes is. I am 67 years old with enough disabilities and pain to know that not everything is going to be fixed, can be fixed or even can be better. You just hope the crapitude can be slowed somewhat, which I believe I can do by creating; desire creates all this is one of my manifestos that you’ll see later.

ANOTHER thing, I am dictating more than ever having found that the Word dictation program responds to my dictation the best. I then hope to find someone t with more intelligence than spell check. But I’m holding back the good news!

The LookShow which will be known simply as LOOK, has received a significant grant from the Canada Council for the ARTS (CCA) beginning with an art installation in Winnipeg, set up in the OUTPUT Venue in Video Pool in Winnipeg from September 29th to October 12th, 2022. The follow up afterward will include a virtual exhibition of what has been accomplished and then Murray Toews and me are back to the abject alphabet in 2023.

I am employing and commissioning artists to create original artworks based on my writing about my pain and disability, to be installed and/or screened in the OUTPUT Venue of Video Pool from September 29 – October 12.

Identity and portraiture are significant elements in displaying my pain and disability. Will people look or look away? Disabled people are often overlooked and underserved, and seen as less deserving. We’re late in getting our letter sweater in the arena of marginalized groups. DISABLED and suffering people are meant to be poor – neither seen nor heard – especially those of us who are “unable to contribute” by working or producing in our capitalist society. Fortunately I was able to fake it until I lost my leg in 2018. That story is for another blog post. Stayed tuned to become familiar with the LOOK artists.







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